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• Providing spiritual and physical support for gospel Ministers, especially those in the full time Ministry, so they can effectively discharge the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by solving the basic needs of Ministers and believers.


• Providing affordable accommodation, medicare, and affordable education for Ministers and their-families through negotiation of special consideration with each of relevant institutions.


• Seeking the general well being of the ministers in every state and nation of the believer in every state and nation of the earth, by speaking to authorities on their well being through our Modecai project! 


“Seeking the wealth of the people and seeking for the peace of Zion!  

Esther 10-3

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• To fight alongside co and genuine ministers in times of challenges, crisis, criticism, accusations, and false accusation.


• Creating a food bank to solve food problems for Ministers and believers who could not afford three square meals.


• To provide legal support for members at affordable price possibly at no cost at all.


• To also be a rallying point providing information through revelational knowledge that will transform the Minister and their Ministries, and also the believers through books and learning materials.


• To organize and put together prayer works for Ministers for effective Ministries and Ministrations.

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• To provide financial planning support and financial literacy for Ministers, Ministries and believers.


• To always strengthen and encourage our generals, and restore our wounded and weary Army.


.To provide spiritual therapy  and rest for ailing ministers and their family.


. To reduce the amount of spiritual casualty in the ministries due to burn out and fatigue.


. To help ministers by saving their marriages and family from distingeration.


• To eradicate crime among Minister and believers that may arise as a result of the 3 basic needs of mankind: Food, Accommodation and Health.


• Supplying helpful spiritual material for Christian growth.


• Encouraging believers and Ministers to walk in the consciousness of Eternity.


• Organizing Annual international Ministers Conference called "Phronimos ministers conference" themed: I know thy works.

Aimed at refreshing,encouraging-and sharpening ministers for effective and efficient works of the Ministry.

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