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Our Projects
Holding Hands


1. Supplying monthly welfare resources in terms of foods and palliatives to local parish Pastors and families.


2.To build three phases of Housing facilities in all our various centers and locations of shepherds care foundation.

Accommodation to rescue Ministers and believers in accommodation dilemma with their Landlord due to certain financial stress or difficulties at any time in their life.

Our intention is to provide and solve their temporary accommodation problems till the Lord restores them financially and they can move to a better place of their choice out of our temporary facility.


 We intend to have three phases of facilities name:

(a) The Levite Estate: - This is a facility with Self Contain Rooms.
(b) The scribe Estate: This is a facility with two to three bedroom flat!
(c) The Aaron Estate: This is a facility with a detach or duplex house.

We intend to accomplish this, through the free will donation of members, well meaning personality of the society, various support groups; local and international,partnering ministries and mission,governments and  Charitable organization.

This department will be run by the Modecai project – It is non-profit making.

(2) Medical

We intend to liaise with Hospitals (private) in other to care for members of our foundation network who could not pay for qualitative treatment but are in need of one.

As a card carrying members of the network, we intend to enter into a negotiation with the owners of this private hospitals to provide treatment for our members at a 60% - 90% reduce cost rate!

While we also take up the spiritual responsibility of praying for the Hospital and the success of the owner forever. We will also file their activities to the government and also ask for a  rebate in tax reduction from the government of the Land.

(3) Food, Beverage; Pharmaceutical and Airlines Companies

We intend to liaise with food manufacturing Companies to support the ministers of God and  needy believers by providing free supply of foods, good and use materials, drugs and medical equipment for first aid treatment for members. 

(4)  Spiritual Therapy center

How aim is to have a spiritual therapy alternative medicine center for ministers. This center is to be a retreat center with facility for family recreation center,resort for pastors,spiritual clinics for wounded and weary ministers, pastors hangout center where they can listen to good music share cold drink with each,encourage one another when they feel down.

It is a place where we will weekly bring ministers to encourage ministers so that the work can keep going on and ministers will not despair in life and ministry.

This we will do by liaison with brethren and ministry in the western world especially America who are concerns with ministers welfare and health issues.


(5)  The Legal


The mission of shepherds care foundation is also to provide legal services and counsels to ministries facing challenges, accusation and persecution.

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